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Dr. Farrugia has spent the last 10 years of his career working in Monmouth and Ocean County in a variety of roles specializing in cardiac and vascular care. Welcome to your Heart and Vascular Home!
“When a family member is seriously ill, you want only the very best care by an extraordinary physician for your loved one. My father has been a patient of Dr. Farrugia for many years. Dr. Farrugia is not only an extraordinary physician but also an extraordinary human being. We are so grateful for your skilled hands which have given my father the opportunity of sharing many more years of memories with our family. Your contribution in my family’s life is a blessing. If you are looking for a physician for cardiac and vascular related medical issues, please visit Advanced Heart and Vascular of Central Jersey”

Christine N

“Dr. Farrugia is a smart and compassionate physician, and I highly recommended him!”

Patricia D

“When I first met Dr. Farrugia we were both working in the same hospital. His
passion for medicine was always evident as he was one of the most confident and intelligent interventional cardiologists I knew. We quickly became work friends because while he’s good at what he does he’s also just a good human. Little did I know that 5 years ago today he would also become my hero when he saved my father’s life. 5 more years of memories because of this amazing doctor. Nothing can replace that. You can trust him to take care of your family like he did mine. Because to him, all patients are family”

Kathleen F